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Top 3 Stories of the Week 30/09/14

30 Sep 2014

Here's our Top 3 stories of the week...

Top 3 Stories of the week 25/09/14

25 Sep 2014

Here's Our Top 3 Stories of the Week...

10 Things That A Modern Motorcyclist Should Be Equipped With

8 Sep 2014

Today's guest blogger James Joseph founded and writes for, a website focusing on motorcycles and motorsport. He has had a passion for two wheels for longer than he can remember, and currently rides a Honda CBR.

The Evolution of the Motorcycle

29 Aug 2014

It has been over a hundred years since the first motorcycle was invented - in fact some of the earliest designs can be traced back to the 1860s.

But how far has the motorcycle come since then?

We take a closer look.

Top 3 Stories of the week 20/08/14

20 Aug 2014

Plenty of savings to be had....

The Motorcycle Ambulance

5 Aug 2014

Tim Rogers is Managing Director of Spirit of the Seventies.  

Tim has a varied collection of bikes including amongst others a ’71 Yamaha AT1, TY175, Kawasaki ZXR750J2, Ducati 900 FE and an MV Agusta F4.

How many gadgets could you fit into a motorbike?

25 Jul 2014

Although cars have been stuffed with gadgets for as long as anyone can remember - from the era of 8 track cartridges and sunroofs to the modern day GPS and infotainment devices, motorbikes have always seemed to have been left behind.

Well not anymore....

Back to Market

23 Jul 2014

With the summer officially here, and Motorcycle season in full swing, we thought it we’d take a look at the Motorcycle market and just how much enthusiasts are keeping it alive.

Top 3 Stories of the week 22/07/14

22 Jul 2014

Here’s a quick round up of our top three stories from the world of insurance and motoring across the last couple of weeks.

THINK! Use your senses

18 Jul 2014

When the first glimpse of sunshine broke through the clouds this year, it seemed that the whole of the UK excitedly rushed outside and headed for the nearest pub, park or patio for a BBQ! Britain’s motorcyclists will all have their fingers crossed that the sunny and dry conditions continue. 

MASTER tagged biked 4 times less likely to be stolen

11 Jul 2014

Following a meeting of the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group, which met this week, figures have been released which show a marked reduction in the theft of motorcycles which have been ‘tagged’ under the UK’s first national and official motorcycle anti-theft scheme.

Biker Friendly Pubs in the UK

10 Jul 2014

Chris Cope lives in the United Kingdom, though he is originally from the United States.

Despite having earned his motorcycle endorsement 20 years ago he still considers himself a newbie because it took him 19 years to finally get a bike of his own. He now rides as much as he possibly can in all weather doing his best to make up for lost time.

You can follow his adventures on

Boris Bikes to go electric - Is London ready?

9 Jul 2014

With London’s cycle-rental scheme - the so-called ‘Boris Bikes’ - proving to be a huge success, plans are afoot to expand the scheme to include electric bikes, or ‘e-bikes’ for short.

Airbag vests for motorcyclists

5 Jun 2014

Chris Wheal (Whealie) is a freelance journalist who has developed a phone app for bikers. He got a Vespa Primavera 125 scooter on his 17th birthday and has been riding ever since.

Read his thoughts on these suits as he takes a closer look at them in this article.

Top 3 Stories of the week 03/06/14

3 Jun 2014

So here’s a quick look at this week’s motoring and insurance news…

The advantages of owning a modern bike over a modern car

20 May 2014

Traditionally considered a dangerous method of transportation, the many up-sides of the modern motorcycle arguably outweigh those of the modern car. 

Summer Tips

19 May 2014

We may be tempting fate here but it looks like summer is definitely on the way with sunshine predicted across the UK today.  Is your car ready to take the heat?  Here’s our top tips for keeping cool on the roads.

The Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

7 May 2014

This week's post is written by Adam Kay and Hugo Eccles. Adam and Hugo are motorcycle builders who run Untitled Motorcycles a custom motorcycle company in London and San Francisco.

London to trial electric vehicle charging

23 Apr 2014

UK Power Networks and the City of London are trialling electric vehicle charging stations around the city with five charge points in the central city, 10 in East London and 50 scattered around other popular London sites.


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